Tibetan Snake Boxing

Tibetan Snake boxing is a complete martial art from Tibet. Its main focus is fighting while kneeling, sitting, rolling or lying on the ground. The Snake Boxer, through tumbling, rolling, leaping and coiling, controls the balance of his opponent by striking or locking vulnerable pressure points with devastating effectiveness.This method was created in Tibet over four hundred years ago by a monk who later taught the method to Lama Zurdwang, instructor to the Chinese martial arts masters the Li family. The unusual method of ground fighting proved highly effective for their work as professional bodyguards in China.

Snake Boxing is a highly energetic combat method that requires a fair degree of flexibility and stamina to perfect. Snake boxers learn; falling and rolling, kneeling, sitting and lying combat methods, “iron palm” training, nerve strikes and “light body ” jumping skills, throws, locks and grappling methods to round out their training.

This is an ideal skill to learn for those dangerous moments should you fall, be thrown or find yourself in a sitting or reclining position. It is also a highly aerobic exercise that builds strength in the legs and back while activating the Bladder meridian points for improved health.