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We specialize in streaming videos about Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Qigong.  We represent a variety of styles, traditions, and teachers.
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Nine Dragon Baguzhang for Street Combat

Here is the complete series of Nine Dragon Baguazhang For Street Combat. All six videos are included in this specially priced set is the equivalent of getting 2 of its videos for free!
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The Architecture of Internal Power

Discover the scientific principles of producing internal and external force. Dr. Painter explains the details of how the structure of the body is designed to produce the amazing abilities of internal martial arts masters and he demonstrates how virtually anyone can accomplish such abilities in a short time with correct practice. click here for more information

Tibetan Snake Boxing

Tibetan Snake boxing is a complete martial art from Tibet. Its main focus is fighting while kneeling, sitting, rolling or lying on the ground. The Snake Boxer, through tumbling, rolling, leaping and coiling, controls the balance of his opponent by striking or locking vulnerable pressure points with devastating effectiveness. click here for more information.

Li Family Taijiquan

This video instructs you in a health nourishing and soft style exercise system that appeared around the early 16th century in China. The art is a way to understand natural energy and power in the mind and body through stillness and movement. click here for more information